Consider the plight of the government school students

Dear Editor,
The results of CBSE Class XII were declared on 3rd May 2019 and the results for class X will be declared anytime soon. Both students and parents are excited to have cleared their exams and so are their respective communities and societies in general. In view of encouraging their youngster who has shined in their respective exams, I believe there are many events in pipeline to be organised to honour them this year as well.
However, I would like to bring in light the voice and wishes of many unspoken students and their parents through this medium. The award and honors are a welcome step but the question arises;
Is it giving an equal opportunity and level playing field to all?
Are the students truly in need of such financial and moral assistance reached?
Despite doing well in exam, overcoming many obstacles and challenges, the students of government school has had almost no chance of grabbing any awards. The past records of honours and awards were mostly taken by the student of reputed private schools and hardly any government school student has received such awards.
The measuring rod must give equal opportunity to all. The provisions and facilities are far better in private schools and are beyond reach of many students and parents of government schools. They cannot compete with students who are well provisioned and enjoy all possible supports needed to study.
More than seventy percent (70%) or more of our people still depend on agriculture and allied activities for livelihood and depend on government schools to send their students for education. They cannot afford to send their students in reputed private schools.
There cannot be a fair race between two individuals where one’s hand and back are full of loads and other is free of all such challenges.
This is an effort to bring into notice, the concerned societies to consider and introspect on their awarding process and duly consider the plight of the government school students.
Joram Aatum,