Need to rein in violence

Though late, the state government and community-based organizations are finally realizing the need to rein in the election-related violence which is causing tensions in three assembly constituencies – Tali (Kra Daadi), Koloriang (Kurung Kumey) and Palin (Kra Daadi). So far, one person has been killed and government properties have been heavily damaged in the Koloriang assembly constituency. Violence also rocked the election process in Tali and Palin. Community-based organizations like the Nyishi Elite Society and the All Nyishi Youth Association have come out to appeal to all the contesting candidates and their supporters to maintain peace.
On its part, the state government, led by Chief Secretary Satya Gopal, has publicly announced that security measures have been tightened to the control violence. Hopefully, the meeting held between the CS and the NES team will yield positive results. The candidates and their supporters, too, should stop treating elections as some kind of war. Elections are like sports where there cannot be two winners. Therefore, one has to be ready to accept any eventuality. Further, there have been reports of destruction of public properties, especially critical infrastructure like bridges, by the supporters of political parties. This is really unfortunate and condemnable. In future, how will these people justify the demand for repairing of these damaged bridges? The locals themselves have been accused of damaging these vital infrastructures. Most of the bridges which have been damaged were lifelines for the people living in the far-flung areas. The onset of monsoon is expected to cause more trouble for them.