An open letter to the candidates

Dear Editor,
As election results are being released today, I would like to share few things to consider. First of all, more than half of contesting candidates are not going to make it as MLAs. It is not because you are bad or not popular, but for the basic fact that there are only 57 remaining seats to which you all are trying to get in.
It is for sure, that majority of you would be mentally prepared to take in your result. It may be because of the various feedbacks you already have. So you already know what to expect.
However, for those of you who would be hearing results contrary to your expectations, there will be emotional moments over which you must control. When this happens, you should not be too dejected for you are not real loser in a true sense. If you get 1000 votes, remember that 1000 people have put their faith in you! And I hope more than 1000 people believe in you.
So, for the sake of all those 1000s who think that you can be a -great leader, you should show self control and maturity and grace.
For those who get elected, of course there will be celebrations, but please determine to serve those who voted for you. Not as you want but as they really need. Since no one or no family is going to be in MLA seat forever, please do your best to serve the community or communities during these few years when you are given the leadership.
Once again, for those of you who did not make it, take it easy. This is part of politics. This is part of life. Even without being an MLA, you still can bless your family and community and the state.
Avia Ngwazah