Time lost is lost forever

Dear Editor,
Through your esteemed daily, I would like to highlight the helplessness of those candidates who are going to hit the age bar very soon and who are waiting for the next notification of the state civil services exam.
Everybody has a right to knock the door of the court and everybody has a right to defend themselves; but when the fight is not between two individuals only and affects several innocent aspirants, both new and existing, then we have to think rationally and practically for all aspirants.
We already lost years for the last state civil services exam, and now we are losing again. We have already reached a stage where going back and staying will cause irreparable damage to the careers of the aspirants.
The question is not who is right but who is losing. The APPSC and its officials are government agents and they are not going to lose anything. Think about those majority candidates who are not going to be selected but are hoping to apply after new notifications are issued.
Is it a tactic to ‘time out’ senior candidates by the so-called ‘age-less’ candidates? Don’t break the eggs in order to protect the nest. I appeal to all to let the current recruitment be completed at the earliest.
A helpless aspirant