ABK unit launches awareness tour

PASIGHAT, Jun 10: The East Siang district unit of the Adi Ba:ne Kebang (ABK) on Saturday launched an awareness tour to educate the community’s members on the importance of education, the ill-effects of drug abuse, and various other social issues.
During the tour, which started from Depi village in Lower Ramle Banggo here, the members of the community will also be made aware of the Adi Kebang Ayon, the Bogum Bokang Kebang, and the Adi Agom Kebang, and their activities.
Highlighting the aim of the tour, the ABK’s district general secretary Talut Siram appealed to the villagers of Depi, Detak, Depi Moli and Debing to stop illegal hunting of wildlife using licenced guns.
ABK Women Wing president Oti Sitang Eko spoke about the harmful effects of drug abuse and alcoholism, and appealed to all to quit such vices. She advised them to take up mushroom and horticulture cultivation and weaving to earn their livelihood.
Pasighat DFO Tasi Mize, who was the resource person, called for conservation and preservation of wildlife and biodiversity, while Dr Tani Siram, who is in charge of the de-addiction centre here, advised the people to refrain from using drugs of any type.
GBs, senior members and youths of all the villages were present during the programme, and lauded the ABK’s endeavour, according to a release from the ABK’s East Siang unit.