Recruit pharmacists

Dear Editor,
I would like to highlight some grievances before the authority concerned regarding graduate and postgraduate students of pharmacy profession who have been deprived of all avenues by the state government.
As per one of our senior professional colleagues, since 2003, not a single recruitment has been done for the post of drug inspector (except in 2010, when a post was filled).
It has been almost two decades but not a single person has been recruited, as per records, due to the prolonged melodrama between seniors and juniors for the 15 posts sanctioned by the previous government. Senior pharmacists want to be absorbed in the promotional hierarchy, whereas the juniors are adamant to have the same system as the all India level, where direct recruitment is done with a bachelor’s degree as standard qualification.
In between, a case was registered at the Itanagar bench of the Gauhati High Court, which has been disposed of already and referred to the state government for further consideration.
Our only prayer is that the posts will be filled up soon. How long do we have to wait for the posts which have already been created?
However, there is a ray of hope under our present chief minister and his council of ministers. He is young and dynamic by nature and can understand the frustrations of the unemployed youths.
Now I can sit with my fingers crossed for future development.
An aspirant