The matter of unemployment

Dear Editor,
The recent coverage of the ongoing case of the APPSCCE by your esteemed daily must have convinced the majority of the people about the absolute sorry state of affairs of the employment situation in the state.
I have a few questions about the kind of vacancies that are advertised – that, too, once in a blue moon. Now that the elections are over, a majority of the state’s departments have advertised various posts, ranging from Group C to A. But we are yet to hear of any such vacancies in the state. Now coming to the questions:
As far as the engineering jobs are concerned, why are the other branches of engineering, such as electronics and computer science, never given proper opportunity? I am not talking about the AE and JE posts. With the present PM focusing so much on ‘Digital India’, and with the same party ruling the state, with big data and IOT becoming the rage in the tech business, there should have been a number of jobs coming up for the ECE and CSE graduates. The mechanical graduates, too, have the same story. I am talking about the core engineering degrees. The state science & technology department and the technical board rarely advertise any vacancies for engineers.
The civil service jobs, other than Group A, in various departments are hardly ever advertised for. Promotion and deputation must have limits, otherwise what is the use of such appointments when thousands of youths are unemployed?
The number of vacancies advertised are too less for the rising unemployment in the state. There is a dearth of officers at all levels in the administrative structure, and still the vacancies advertised for are either one, two, 10 or maximum 20-25. This time the state civil service exam had about 108 vacancies, out of which nearly 10 were withdrawn. The condition is getting worse day by day as the matter is sub judice.
The APSSB seems to be just a gimmick with no major vacancies being advertised via the institution. What is the use of such a body if it can’t generate vacancies for Group C posts, which are most of the time being offered on contractual basis for fulfilling the required manpower?
There is no startup culture in the state and no help or infrastructural support for the same. If government jobs are not the only solution, what other options do the unemployed citizens have? Can they all become entrepreneurs?
These issues are just the tip of the iceberg. Our central government refuses to accept unemployment as a problem and suppresses unemployment data. With the increase in competition and decrease in vacancies, the future looks grim. My only suggestion is that any leader should be first accountable to and concerned about their people, and then to the party they are affiliated to.