Positive message

Home Minister of Arunachal Pradesh, Bamang Felix recently sent out a very strong message to the community-based organizations (CBO) of the state by urging them not to give protection to criminals.
This is a positive appeal, and hopefully, the CBOs will also respond positively to it.
The state has 26 major tribes and around 100 sub-tribes. Each one of these tribes is fiercely protective of their identity and culture. A strong sense of belongingness on tribe- and clan-line binds these tribesmen together, with several CBOs working to safeguard the interests of their respective tribes.
Unfortunately, sometimes, the CBOs tend to extend support to their fellow tribesman even when they are on the wrong side of the law. There have been instances where they have been found stoking communal feelings in attempts to save the criminals.
Clan-based organizations are especially notorious for supporting members of their clan even if he or she is alleged of committing a major crime. The moment a person gets arrested for a criminal act, the family and clan members begin pressurising politicians and authorities to secure their release. This in turn emboldens the criminals as they know that the clan members will always support them come what may.
If Arunachal Pradesh has to truly progress, the people will have to rise above clan, tribe and region. They should certainly be proud of their tribe and clan identity, but also refrain from supporting the wrongdoers.
The law should be allowed to take its own course of action in such situations.