Towards improving school education

Dear Editor,
Academic performance of Govt run school has deteriorated to a great extent and quality education has equally gone down during last ten yrs. It has been because of various factors stated point wise:
1.One of the factors leading to lost glory of govt.schools is non availability of boarding facilities in schools for Class 6 to 10. Now a day’s students are seen roaming free and open round the clock after schools are over and they are very prone to addictions and many other study disturbing elements including alcoholism, mobile games.
In this regard, I would suggest that every UPS and secondary schools should be provided with boarding/Residential facilities for both boys and girls to make them stay in hostels under strict supervision of Superintendent and wardens. Moreover, School should have quality books, teaching learning materials, Computers, Quality school curriculums like school Weeks, House system, Block level/District level Games & sports Meets, Music, Yoga and Smart Classes should be met up by the govt.
2. I would also suggest that basic facilities meant for teachers and students like teachers’ timely promotions, job regularization of SSA teachers on seniority cum eligibility criteria, timely release of teachers ‘pay &increment, students’ stipend, school grants and MDM should be ensured.
3. School working hours must be in uniform. Atleast every schools should run upto 2 pm every day so as to retain children in school campus under the intensive care of teachers. Early departure of school has affected children’s’ lives academically. They should be given extra time for play and relaxation. Most schools take care of only class periods, once it is over, departure bell just rings. Retaining children 6 hours in school campus making them read, write and play is a must. But Govt schools are confined to 5 five subjects only a day. That has to be changed. Working hours of every schools must be 6 hours a day. And the concern Department must ensure uniformity in school timings and routine. But above all ‘equal pay for equal work” must be ensured by the govt.
4.Apart from DDSE/DPO in district level, posts of school inspectors in District level must be created to timely inspect every school to ensure proper and smooth functioning of the school. Moreover BEO, BRPs, BRCC& CRCC must be authorized to inspect the schools twice a week probably during Assembly Periods with photography to be uploaded to District whatsapp.
5. Lastly not the least I would suggest the CMO/Finance GoAP and concerned department to create a generic school mobile/PC app for all schools which helps access or assess inputs and outputs of school performance and offices as well online with 1 click. Moreover I suggest the concerned Deptt not to change Exam system periodically with the induction of new Education Minister or new Directors. After doing away CCE system of ‘No Detention Policy’ by Govt of A.P and implementation of detention policy has brought back the lost glory of govt schools and now academic of govt schools has regained its momentum and results improved a lot.
Hence, I hope these suggestions from a simple teacher like me would help CMO/Finance GoAP to a great extent in finalizing the budget on education for 2019-20.
Osek Apum, PRT
GUPS Debing, East Siang