Neglected region

The whole Northeast region is reeling under severe floods. The incessant monsoon rains have caused havoc across the region. Over 26 lakh people in 28 districts are reeling under floods in Assam with Barpeta, Morigaon and Dhubri being the worst affected. Other northeastern states like Mizoram, Meghalaya and Arunachal Pradesh are also facing the fury of floods following incessant rains over the last few days. Though the whole region is facing the problem for more than a week now, not a single central leader has so far visited the region.
The national media have also turned a blind eye to the problem. It seems that the rest of the country hardly cares about what is going on in the NE states. This kind of attitude is the reason for the creating distance between mainland India and the NE region. When a natural calamity strikes other parts of the country the media, civil society organisations and even central ministers visit the area immediately. There is non-stop coverage in the media, and ministers make beelines to visit the affected area. Here the whole region is battling the monsoon fury but no one seems bothered. There is death and destruction everywhere. It has traumatized the citizens. Sadly, even the leaders representing the Northeast states in the parliament have not raised this issue. They have let down their own people in a time of the crisis.