Bud: the journey to my extinction



— Nang Kham Weingken,
Cl-XI, (Arts) Dr. Radhakrishnan School,
Dibrugarh, Assam

Miles away from the town,
The beautiful mother of mine gave birth to me.
I used to be with her dusk and dawn.
But I forgot, I shall have to leave
One day to bloom like my mother.
The quest for a spiritual awakening begins.
I woke up to my unknown destiny,
Where the pretty rays were trying
to come out of the bundle of clouds.
It made me feel better !
In a sudden stroke, one of the
Rays falls on to me.
I thought the ray could be
my friend in this new realm.
But it came out to be an ultraviolet ray.
It has made my purity to be cleaved away.
To grow healthy and beautifully,
I had to go through a thousand stumble…..
“Am I that bud that cannot bloom again?”
I asked to myself.
The new realm has made me feel that,
I am at the state of lunatics.
Rivalry strikes…..
I was being made spiritually weak,
I accepted it as poison,
And made my thought immortal
To grow like my mother.