Misconception about JE virus

Dear Editor,
Through the columns of your esteemed daily I would like to draw the attention of the concerned public health officers towards the ongoing misconception that the intake of pork is one of the causes of JE (Japanese Encephalitis).
General public should know that the mosquito is the only vector for JE virus and it can be transmitted only through mosquito bite. The swine/pig just serves as reservoir for the virus. The JE virus cannot be transmitted through oral-fecal route and once the pork is cooked well the virus will not be able to survive the heat.
Due to the ongoing fear-mongering among the general public the pork industry has seen a sharp decline in the recent times. This is very saddening because most of the pork merchants are poor and support their families only from this business.
I would like to appeal the concerned health officers to take necessary action to clear the doubts about JE virus.
Large Raksap