The tradition of late declaration of results by RGU

Dear Editor,
One of the biggest institutions of the state, Rajiv Gandhi University is giving their students hard times. On June 12th of this year, we had our RGUMPET (M. Phil /Phd) entrance exams. It was the first of all the entrance exams that was held this year in RGU. This early conduct of exams was done so that the results could be out on time, as assured by the authorities. But to an utter disappointment, nothing as such happened. It took 3 months to give out the results of RGUMPET. The results (including viva) were out few days back on 17th August. During all this period, students were uncertain about their future.
Personally, many opportunities came along my way. But I had to let go of the chances of enrolling myself to those courses because I had a hope of getting into M. Phil/Phd in RGU. I made it to the viva but couldn’t get through. Had the results been declared on time, I would have an option to fall back on. Now every door is closed for me. There are many other students like me who have gone through the same.
We understand that concerned authorities of RGU have dozens of other things to do. But you all are dealing with our lives right now. If a much bigger universities like DU, JNU can complete these same procedures within a month, then why can’t RGU? This tradition of late declaration of results is ruining our lives. Every student wants to get enrolled in a prestigious university like RGU, hence they are compelled to wait for the results of entrance exams and let go of the other opportunities that come along their ways.
If this same process happens next year also, we will waste some major years of our lives. Please declare results (UG, PG, Entrances) on time, so that we can have a clear picture of what we should do next.
Since the day new VC has stepped into this university, it has showed a tremendous growth on infrastructure, academic performances, co-curricular activities etc. He is our hope now. Please look into this serious matter. I hope this doesn’t happen again in the years to come.
I request RGUSU also to give a kind attention towards this issue.
Mumne Yirang