IMA urges govt to curb quackery

ITANAGAR, Aug 30: The Arunachal branch of the Indian Medical Association (IMA) has urged the state government and the Arunachal Pradesh Medical Council to take appropriate measures to curb quackery in the state.
In a press statement, the IMA said a woman from Pasighat (East Siang) in a video on social media (which has since gone viral) recently claimed to have cured diseases like cancer, appendicitis, Japanese encephalitis, pancreatitis, etc, through herbal medicines “without any scientific and research backup.”
“The claim that the woman has cured such diseases without any scientific evidence, with videos of innocent public, is not only unscientific but also unethical,” said the IMA.
“This is a direct threat to the health of innocent people who are in the terminal stage and vulnerable to such treatment,” it said, and cautioned the public of the potential danger from such unethical medical practices and herbal medicines.