— Sunya Bamin Singpho

You’ve endured the winds and rains,
You’ve made it through tears, years and laughter;
Growing stronger with the passing of time,
Making precious memories all along.

Its bittersweet to leave a workplace you’ve enjoyed;
But it’s time to move on and welcome the new future,
to get on life with living and loving.

You’ve been my source of inspiration and motivation;
When things got hold, you pushed me through.
There were times of hurdles and barriers;
I close my eyes ever so tightly, to shut out my agonies,
An affable hand reached out to me,
And then I saw it was you; guiding my hands gently.

You have encouraged and believed in me,
Never gave up on me.
Sometimes I pondered, that you were too strict and stern
But now, I see that it was all for the better.
And I’m truly obliged for it all.

Respect, Determination, Honesty is what you are!
You taught us reality without its sugarcoating,
You are the Rock that holds us down,
You are the beacon of my life.

Your love and care is a gift of a lifetime,
I can never repay you for everything you did.
A great part of who I am is because of the two of you
Yet, today all that I can manage is a sincere and heart felt “Thank you”