Act responsibly

The UP government is making a mockery of the legal justice system by arresting a law student who has accused former union minister and senior BJP leader Swami Chinmayananda of ”raping” her. Instead of helping the victim, the police are acting weird by booking her in an extortion case. First of all, the police took a long time to act against Chinmayananda and provided ample opportunity to him to escape. But the courage and strength of the victim to keep on fighting forced the police to act against Swami Chinmayananda. Over the last few years, the UP government has gained notoriety for failing those who are on the right side of the law.
The rape victim has claimed that she has enough evidence against Chinmayananda, and also submitted those materials to the police. The whole country will be keeping an eye on the progress of this case. Also, this comes at a time when Dr Kafeel Khan, who was suspended from Gorakhpur’s BRD Medical College and spent almost nine months in prison, has been absolved of the charges of corruption, medical negligence and not performing his duty to his fullest on the day when over 60 children lost their lives at the hospital due to shortage of oxygen. In Dr Kafeel’s case too, the UP government messed up everything. Instead of punishing those responsible for the death of the children, the state government made him a scapegoat by arresting him. They should learn a lesson from this fiasco and act responsibly.