Get going

Chief Minister Pema Khandu has been making all the right voices against corruption in the state. On Tuesday while attending a BJP state executive meeting, he urged the people to report to CM office if officers deduct money from the contractors. Khandu even issued veiled threat to the non-performing officers by declaring that he would not hesitate to invoke the provisions of Rule 56(j) of the central civil services (Pension) rules against them. CM has been repeatedly speaking against corruption but ground situation still remains unchanged.
The file gets stuck in the government offices for months without any valid reasons if the officers are not paid the cut money. The contractors are somehow forced to make payment in order to push the files and this is where the problem begins. The bureaucrats create all kind of hurdles to harass the contractors. If Chief Minister is really serious about eradicating corrupt practices, he should issue strict instruction to the government officials not to keep file pending in their tables for months without any valid reasons. Also the ministers should not collect percentage to award work to the contractors. The contractors often compromise with work quality because they have to pay percentage at various stages. If this percentage system is removed, the contractors will be forced to execute better quality work. The officials too will strictly monitor the work.