Let’s wait

The Hamara Arunachal Abhiyan (HAA), which was launched on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti amidst fanfare, has drawn both appreciation and criticism from the people.
The campaign is the pet project of Home Minister Bamang Felix, who has strongly advocated for HAA, claiming that it will instil sense of patriotism among citizens towards the state.
However, critics allege that it is a waste of public money and will not bring any desirable changes in the society. For now, opinions may be widely divided but one will have to wait to pass a verdict on the outcome of the HAA.
There is no denying that a beginning has been made to bring sense of belongingness amongst the people which is an appreciable move. People of Arunachal Pradesh are mostly divided on the lines of tribes and districts. There is lack of unity among the people and it has definitely affected the growth of the state.
Citizens also often complain about the lack of development, but very few willingly and voluntarily contribute towards the development of the state. The Trans-Arunachal Highway compensation scam is a prime example.
The people want good roads, but are unwilling to donate even an inch of land for free. This mindset is fast spreading across the state. Hopefully, the HAA will look into these aspects and educate the people about the need to make sacrifices for the development of the state. But to make it a success, the Home Department should ensure that it is a sustained campaign, or the HAA will remain just another media blitz and fail to serve its purpose.