— By Riku Tage

High on a rock…
When freedom lifted her,
Beyond beauty and love
Freedom within
And the spirit sweeps the universe;
A spirit that’s unbound,
She flew, fell and glided like a bird,
Over the pleasant world of eternity;
Nature, now smiles…a mysterious heavenly freedom;
Spirits wander in a flock,
Pierced by the sunbeams
And scattered like the spring rain.
A mysterious freedom that chants the souls away,
From the world…the universe, and beyond,
The echo of freedom, ‘O’ that cries,
In the wilderness of eternal space and time.
The freedom…the spirit
Echoes the cry of endlessness.
Freedom like a wave
Lifted her high on a rock
Revealing these pleasant mysteries.
Spirit is immortal, and so is freedom.
Love has made her endless
The spirit then glides
Beyond human wisdom and into infinity,
In the space and time of eternity.