Save environment

In recent days, several stone crushers have been sealed in West Kameng district for failing to operate within the provisions of the Arunachal Pradesh Stone Crusher Guidelines, 2012. This is a good move and will send out a strong message to others to either follow the guidelines or face the threat of being sealed. Over the last few years, several stone crushers have come up across the state. Especially in areas in and around the capital region, many of them have been set up. In places like Doimukh, Kimin and Jote, several stone crushers are operating.
Most of them do not follow the guidelines. But the administration never initiates any action against them. Perhaps there is a nexus between the owners and officials, due to which they are freely operating without following the guidelines. What is worrying is that many of these crushers have been established in village areas. The pollution generated by them is causing health hazard to the villagers. Also, it disturbs the whole ecosystem of the areas in question. The forest and the geology & mining departments are failing to check the operation of illegal stone crushers. Further, the rampant mining of stones and sand is destroying rivers across the state. Adding to this, the dumping of wastes, without treating them, into rivers is also causing destruction of rivers. If the present trend continues, many of these rivers will vanish from the state forever. Therefore, before it’s too late, the government should intervene.