MLA provides relief to fire-affected families

MILLANG, Oct 21: Mariyang-Geku MLA Kanggong Taku, along with the Upper Siang DRDA PD, the Mariyang ADC and other officers, on Monday visited Millang village, where 19 houses were burnt down in a fire accident on 18 October.
The MLA distributed 40 CGI sheets to each of the affected families, and assured to take up with the government the matter of ensuring early provision of relief to and rehabilitation of the families. He advised the villagers to “maintain proper gap during construction of houses, so as to avoid spread of fire during such accidents.”
Meanwhile, a group of IRS officers of the 2018 batch, including Dr Ojing Dameng, who is himself a native of Millang, mobilized Rs 67,700, and provided the amount to the affected families as immediate relief.
The district administration has conveyed gratitude to the officers, saying such gestures “inspire all of us to further the idea of fraternity in India and the selfless service one can give to the fellow denizens of the nation.” (DIPRO)