Follow the rule of law

Dear Editor,
Apex Tani Foundation (APTAFO) NGO is really concern about the recent torching of homes at Mabira Village in Namsai.
Torching down of village is not the ultimate panacea to any ethnic issue. We know Namsai district is a peace loving place archetype of a Mini India where people whether tribal or non-tribal are living peacefully.
But the way Mabira village has been sidelined and made as a soft target is not at all warranted. Such kind of unruly act should be condemned by all the sections of civil society.
We vehemently protest such blunt act of savagery done in Mabira village. There is proper way and means to show disgruntlement by means of complaint to authority. Supposedly, if the villagers have lapsed in some way by encroachment of forestlands, the concerned authorities should have evicted them as per procedures established by laws not by hooligans.
We appeal to the concern authority to immediately locate the offenders who are trying to create disharmony among the native people and give them stringent punishment. We seek immediate relief from the concern authority for compensation to the loss made to the people.
We appeal to the people to maintain peace and harmony. Hatred and jealousy would only bring tension.
Likha Tejji, President
Tumme Amo, Vice President
Tashor Pali, Vice president
Dr. Logo Bage, GS
Bikash Bage, Spokesperson
ST Tara, Chief Coordinator,
Nabam Tuna, Convenor
Tarh Tamey, Core committee member
Debia Jessy, Core committee member
Patey Tayum, Core committee member