Support law college

Dear Editor,
I would like to attract the attention of the authority concerned, as well as of the common public, towards the issues being raised regarding Jarbom Gamlin Government Law College (JGGLC), Jote.
There have been many good forces who have contributed their sweat and blood to establish the first ever government law college in the state. I would like to thank all those good individuals and groups.
Now, there are a few issues, like absence of a student representative body, lack of functioning of the hostel for boys and girls, a working canteen, non-teaching staff, a ground for games and sports, etc. In fact, we don’t have a regular principal either.
But the good part is that I came to learn that all these problems are being addressed by the college authority, as well as the higher authorities. Hence I have full faith in the college authority that they would do their best to address our problems.
Therefore, I request all concerned to support the college authority in creating and maintaining the best possible atmosphere for teaching and learning.
Let all the good happen to our college, and may we all prosper in our best ways.
A student of JGGLC,