Worried about EPF account

Dear Editor,
I want to express my doubts regarding the Arunachal Pradesh NHM staff employee provident fund (EPF) accounts.
It’s been a year since we were told that the EPF accounts have been created against our names, but till today I have not received any balance sheet or statement for the same. I have lots of questions and doubts. How could the EPF accounts be opened without prior information to us? After deduction only, we were informed that our money got deducted towards the EPF accounts, leaving us with no option. Maybe it’s compulsory to have an EPF account, but the way in which my EPF account got created still confuses me.
I have not received any official letter confirming my EPF account creation. When I enquired, I was simply given a number called UAN number. But I am unable to access my account balance using this number. Then what is the use of providing it to me? How much is my gross salary? How much is being deducted towards my EPF account? How much is my deposited amount so far? How much is my current total amount with the EPF interest included? In case I leave this present job, as this is temporary, how can I get back my hard-earned deposited EPF account money?
Every time I visit the office concerned to enquire about my existing EPF account, rather than straightway answering my questions, they confuse me and make me feel as if I am unduly worried about it, though I know I have valid concerns about this so-called EPF account. I am unable to check my balance online, whereas an EPF account balance can be checked online, as well as by using a registered mobile number.
Although I do not want to exaggerate it, the EPF account news was in the air recently. I think I need not elaborate it further; even our neighbouring state was in the headlines for the same. So, it is natural for me to worry about it. If any staffer whose 12 percent gross salary has been deducted towards the so-called EPF account is of the same opinion like mine, it may imply that I am not wrong.
Last but not least, I sincerely request the authority concerned to send yearly balance sheet/statement to all those whose hard-earned money have been deducted towards their EPF accounts and, if possible, make it transparent as EPF or GPF or any other account should be.
Yours sincerely,
Anxious NHM EPF account holder