In support of JNU

Dear Editor,
Time and again, higher educational institutes of the nation are being tested by the BJP government at the Centre. It was very painful to watch students of JNU, Delhi, being attacked by BJP-RS- backed AVBP goons. The nation is now bearing the brunt of resisting the fascist policy of the ruling government. But the BJP won’t succeed with its oppressive, regressive and aggressive policies as people of the country are already aware of it.
We as alert and aware citizens stand with JNU and strongly condemn the barbaric act by saffron goons as students’ resistance to any anti-constitutional act or law is not new to this country. In a democracy, everybody has the right to protest and raise questions.
Terming people’s resistance antinational is a big hypocrisy because in the UPA-II regime, the BJP-RSS and its various affiliated organisations called uncountable bandh calls and protests across the nation, but the Congress government was not so arrogant and it was not dictatorial towards students and the people.
It seems the BJP has no tolerance capacity to run the government in a pluralist country like India. If the same attitude is maintained by the present government, then India’s ‘unity in diversity’’ will be in great danger. Therefore, for the sake of national interest and national integrity, the BJP can at least listen to the students and the common people and keep aside their ego and arrogance aside, so that the nation can come out of the deep economic crisis and joblessness.
Kenmar Gibi,