Residential training meet held

KURAVILANGAD, Jan 12: A ‘residential training-cum-evaluation meeting’ was held here in Kerala on Saturday for 33 Don Bosco Youth Centre (DBYC)-trained representative skill trainees working in various resorts in the state.
Attending the event, Itanagar SSP Kime Aya commended the initiative of the DBYC in bringing together the representatives of youth trained and placed by the DBYC in the past three years.
Interacting with the representatives from 11 resorts, Aya congratulated them for moving out of Arunachal and treading unfamiliar paths. “The road less travelled will make all the difference in your lives,” he said.
He advised the participants to get in touch with him if they require any assistance from the Arunachal Pradesh Police.
DBYC director Fr Cyriac said, “We will be with the youth of Arunachal and the Northeast in your existential struggles at all times.”
The two-day programme also featured ‘resort-wise interaction with the DBYC director’, besides counselling for interested candidates.