Time to reform

The state police killed Tagyung Yangfo alias Jumbo Yangfo, who was accused of killing DSP Bomto Kamdak over three years ago at Wada Camp in East Kameng district. The police claimed that Tagyung, when surrounded by security forces at Rama Camp, near Dirang, resorted to firing and he was killed in retaliatory fire. Chief Minister Pema Khandu took to the social media to hail the operation which was conducted by a special investigation team (SIT) of the state police. The killing of young officer Bomto Kamdak had shocked the whole state. The entire state joined the bereaved family in mourning his death.
Therefore the killing of Tagyung Yangfo by the police in the encounter is seen as natural justice. This is the end of a painful chapter, and, hopefully, it will mark the beginning of a new era in the state. The state police took over three years to find out the whereabouts of Tagyung Yangfo. People had almost forgotten about the case. The government should modernize the police force and equip it with modern technologies. Also, it’s time to introspect. In a small tribal society like ours, it is not a good sign to see youths going astray. The society has to ponder why the likes of Tagyung Yangfo choose the path of crime instead of living as law abiding citizens. If he had been reformed at the right time, his own life and that of DSP Bomto Kamdak would have been saved. The elders of the society have to take the lead role and mould the society on the right path. The patronizing of criminals, irrespective of which tribe or district they belong to or which religion they profess, should stop. There is still time for reformation. Everyone should join hands for the cause. No one should suffer like the family of Bomto Kamdak. However, at the end of the day, both Tagyung Yangfo and Bomto Kamdak were Arunachalees. Sadly, one took the path of crime and the other one died protecting the law of the land.