Use fund judiciously

The Galo Students’ Union (GSU) on Thursday expressed displeasure over organising of the Yomgo River Festival (YRF) in Aalo. The union termed it wastage of public fund and urged the state government to instead invest on education, health, road communication and other infrastructural developments. The GSU has raised a valid point. Even though these festivals are organised with the aim of attracting tourists, most of them have failed to serve the purposes. Not only YRF, there are several other festivals across the state which are funded by the government. Barring the Ziro Festival of Music and Dambuk Orange Festival, most have failed to attract tourists from outside.
The lack of a professional approach is considered to be one of the main reasons for it. The government should keep certain criteria and if the organiser fails to fulfill them, the funding should be stopped. Also, in a fund-starved state like Arunachal, every penny counts, and therefore fund should be properly utilized. The GSU is correct to advise the government to invest more in infrastructure sectors. The condition of schools, hospitals and roads are pathetic. The state government should wisely use the funds. The money should be mostly used to improve infrastructure, especially roads. The improvement in road condition will lead to faster development. Instead of funding so many festivals, the government should select a few which are truly contributing to the growth of tourism, and invest the money in such festivals.