Lockdown as holiday

Dear Editor,
I would like to inform the authority concerned that amidst the lockdown given by the government, some members of our public are making it ineffective. Many are taking it as holidays.
There are still many people around. From my terrace, I can see a lot of people gathered at IG Park. Some are jogging, some playing. The funniest thing is that there is a speaker in the middle of IG Park’s walk path where some advice on preventing the spread of the coronavirus is being broadcast, but the people are continuing jogging.
I would like to urge the police authority to make a round of the park, especially in the evenings, so as to tackle the gathering to prevent the spread of this deadly virus.
I would also like to appeal to the denizens of Itanagar to get serious now and not create unnecessary problems. Our hospitals are not equipped; therefore it is better that we take all the precaution. So please, stay home and be safe and let others be safe.