Make physical distancing mandatory

The state government last Friday made it compulsory for citizens to wear facemasks when they step outside their homes. Anybody found violating the order will face action as per the law/regulation. This is a right step in the battle against Covid-19 in the state. The order should be strictly implemented on the ground. The police on duty should be given enough power to prosecute those found roaming around without wearing masks. Apart from making it compulsory to wear masks, the state government should make it compulsory to maintain physical distancing in public.
It is noticed that people hardly maintain physical distance in public places. In markets and ATMs, no one is seen maintaining physical distancing, which is a big threat. Despite repeated appeals from the administration and the issuance of health advisories, the physical distancing norms are still not followed properly. Therefore the government should issue an order making it compulsory, and take action against those who violate the order. It is known fact that the battle against Covid-19 will be a lengthy one and physical distancing is considered to be one of the effective means to stop the spread of the virus. Therefore the government should immediately take steps to make it compulsory to maintain physical distance.