De-escalate tension in Tarasso

Even as the whole world is battling against Covid-19, neighbouring state Assam is trying to grab land belonging to Arunachal at Tarasso, in Papum Pare district. In the last few days, there have been several instances of Assam officials illegally entering Arunachal’s territory to terrorize the people living along the Assam-Arunachal boundary in Dullung Ramghat village. On Sunday, more than 100 officials of Assam trespassed on the village area and destroyed private properties, using an excavator. The situation in the area has remained tense since 25 April, when Assam officials first conducted raid in Arunachal territory to dismantle the barricade put up by the locals and IRBn personnel to restrict the movement of people, in view of Covid-19.
There is a possibility that the situation may take a turn for the worse if the higher authorities do not intervene at the earliest. In the past also, boundary tension had led to violent clash in the area, leading to the death of several people. Before the situation turns ugly, the state government should intervene at the highest level. The boundary dispute is pending in the Supreme Court for the last many years. As the case drags on, Assam officials have repeatedly violated the SC’s order to maintain the status quo. In fact, taking advantage of the situation, they have grabbed a large portion of land belonging to Arunachal along the interstate boundary. With the case not moving anywhere in the SC, the only option left is for the governments of Assam and Arunachal to sit down together and work out a solution. Remember, the longer this boundary issue drags on, the more it is going to create hostility between the people of the two states. For now, the state government should look into the Tarasso incident and take up the matter at the highest level to de-escalate the tension brewing in the area.