Lack of facilities exposes govt preparedness

The reports of pathetic facilities in the quarantine centres for people returning to the state are pouring in from across the state. In many centres, the people are complaining about the poor quality of food and unhygienic conditions. The authorities had enough time to prepare for it during the lockdown period. Their inability to perform the given task has put a huge question mark over the preparedness of the state government. Everyone was aware that stranded Arunachalees will return back to the state at some stage. The government had their figures too and knew which states the stranded Arunachalees would return from.
Despite having required prior information, it is shocking to know that they are still ill prepared to deal with the situation. Take the example of the quarantine facility at the PTC Banderdewa. There is no proper segregation of the people. People coming back from red zones have been put up in the same facilities with the people returning from green and orange zones. This stupidity of the authorities has potential to turn the quarantine centre into a Covid-19 infection centre. Further, they should have conducted proper survey about toilet facilities and water supply beforehand. Now, when people are raising concerns about it, the authorities are scrambling to resolve these issues. This clearly shows lack of professionalism on their part.