PTC quarantine center may become an epicenter

Dear Editor,
We have seen many types of festival and events sponsored by state government where crores of money is spend simply to build temporary structures and on artists from other cities.
These festivals usually are celebrated for 3-4 days and after the event is over, those structures are demolished. I don’t denounce the celebration of these festivals meant to promote tourism in the state. But, unfortunately I am compelled to compare these festivals with management of quarantine and health facilities in the state.
The main quarantine center of the state, PTC Banderdewa for Arunachalee coming back to state is found to be ill equipped and unprepared.
Through Social media and news channel, it has come to light that there are no separate blocks for those coming from red, blue and green zones. Further those quarantined are compelled to use single toilets and bathrooms.
Now, this is totally disgusting. It has self-defeated the very idea of preventing and curving the spread of covid-19. It appears that if the authority doesn’t rectify the mismanagement as soon as possible, the PTC quarantine center may become an epicenter of covid-19. And once the Covid-19 touches our state, taking into consideration poor health facilities at disposal even God will not be able to help us.
Therefore, if government can spend lots of money on festivals, they can build well-equipped temporary quarantine facilities and further develop health facilities at par with other state or countries on long and short term plan.
Lastly, I would suggest the authorities to separate each bed using plywood at all quarantine centers.
Stay home, stay safe and maintain social distance.
A concerned citizen