Locals, NGOs donate to DA

LONGDING, May 16: Villagers from Pongchau, along with bazaar secretary of Pongchau Township, Laitoh Wangsa donated firewood to the district administration of Longding here on Friday.
The villagers of Pongchau, led by former ASM Nowbo Dokkam, travelled some 32 kms from Pongchau in order to donate the firewood which was meant for the Covid-19 quarantine centres all over the district.
Also, the All Sungkuh Women Welfare Society, a Pongchau-based NGO earlier donated Rs 2 lakh to the district administration, while the teachers association of Pongchau block donated cash to both the district administration and health department as assistance in the fight against the pandemic.
Meanwhile, Longding Deputy Commissioner Cheshta Yadav, who received the donations on behalf of the administration, expressed her gratitude to the villagers for their generosity. (DIPRO)