Need to upgrade Covid-19 testing skills and surveillance

As the number of Covid 19 cases rises, the uneasiness is growing in the state. As of today the number of active cases in the state is 37 while one recovered and was discharged.
Adding to it the report of lapses occurring at various levels is further causing a lot of anxiety. Series of the shocking turn of events including an IPS officer breaching standard operating procedure of paid quarantine (PQ), a 14-year-old girl entering state hiding in a pickup truck and a woman testing positive after testing negative while in a quarantine facility have shocked the whole state.
These events have definitely raised question marks over the preparation of the state government to battle Covid 19.
The authorities should take strong action against people breaching the SOP of the quarantine.
If a responsible IPS officer behaves in such an irresponsible manner, a wrong precedence is being set which is clearly not needed at this time. The officer should be held responsible for breach and necessary action be initiated.
Also the way a 12-year-old girl managed to sneak into state in a pickup truck is matter of deep concern. It means there is an urgent need for stricter vigilance at the entry check gates.
Of all, the most worrisome incident is the woman testing positive after testing negative in an institutional quarantine facility.
This raises serious concern among the citizens. While everyone appreciates the work being done by health workers but concerns have been raised over the sample collection technique by the doctors themselves. Recently, deputy commissioner of Changlang, Dr Devansh Yadav had also raised concern over the way samples for Covid 19 are being collected in the district.