[ Neelesh Singh Bhan, (PGT)
Itanagar ]

People, people everywhere,
And all- unfolding distance,
People, people everywhere,
But, confined at their residence
Day after day, day after day,
We may stick, nor breath nor motion
As idle as a painted posture
Upon a painted surrounding.
May be a kind of malediction!
Domestic cough and cold
Have brought the globe in nocuous examination,
Sneezing made a social bound.
Masks and gloves are in utmost use,
The availability of sanitizers are made rare,
Everyone wants to make him secure,
Salubrious and clean environment are taken care.
World is suffering with invisible and invincible enemy,
Taken the form of epidemic to pandemic,
Grasping and swallowing each and every one
Nor can say what would be the destiny.
The world is trying to find the new invention
Scientific and Yogic Ideas have come in intervention
Not controlled, the very civilization may be in annihilation
Waiting for the next resistant civilization.