Birds of the tree

Akhilesh Singh Bhan
Teacher, GHSS, Arunodaya, Itanagar

O, the birds, roosting over the tree!
Fly up, high, touch the moon daily
Oh! We sparrows leap merely on the walls,
By the edge of the mansion’s yard gaily,
Yet, ye demean us: the creature of simple wit
As if alienated thine from our distant, hub
Rather hurting with no rime all along
For the insurgence into thy realm superb,
The splendid tree would be one day cut,
By the affect of disaster or sinister man,
Where will thou go then for new shelter?
Twittered the sparrows in the little span
So swaggered the birds from the royal tree
“Damn ye fed on rubbish leaved grain,
We take kiwi, guava, cherry, grape and berry,
It is ridiculous compete with us, that’s in vain.

Although we live in misery breathing shy,
We support ye always in light and dark
Singing songs of the realm in the chorus
In the park unseen duly stamped hallmark.