Make lockdown stricter

The decision of the state government to conduct antigen tests on all the truckers entering the state is a decision in the right direction. Many of these truckers are coming from various parts of the country where the numbers of Covid-19 cases are very high. Despite all the measures put in place by the district administration, the chances of them infecting the people while delivering goods in the state remain high. The testing of truckers at the entry gate will help to isolate the Covid-19 positive cases.
Also, during the lockdown period, the government should scale up the effort to conduct random testing of the citizens. Maximum number of colonies and sectors should be covered during the period. Further, the decision to open some of the offices during the lockdown period does not make sense. At a time when the number of cases is rising exponentially in the capital region, the movement of people should be strictly regulated. The lockdown measure should be stricter and movement of people should be completely banned, barring that of the frontline workers. This half-measure lockdown will not serve any purpose. It will in no way help to break the chain. The only solution is a harsh lockdown till 3 August and completing all contact tracing by then. However, after that, lockdown should be lifted and normal activities should be allowed to resume. Also, using the lockdown period, the government should ramp up the health infrastructure to meet the growing challenges.