Donations made to frontline workers

KOLORIANG, Jul 23: Members of the Dokum Multi Purpose Cooperative Society (DMPCS), led by its chairperson Bengia Tayu contributed in cash and kind to the local task force committee here in Kurung Kumey district for the frontline workers of Koloriang.

The DMPCS team expressed heartfelt gratitude to the frontline workers and encouraged them to continue fighting against Covid-19.

KVK senior scientist Siyang Borang also contributed Rs 5,000 to the frontline workers as a token of encouragement.

DC Kento Riba commended the contributors, and urged all stakeholders to fight jointly against Covid-19.

Among others, Surveillance Officer Dr Boni Taluk, Horticulture Officer Dr Kuru Ama, and ARCS Tarh Chakum attended the event. (DIPRO)