Need for change in eligibility criteria

This is apropos the advertisement for the post of assistant auditor published in various local dailies on 20 August, 2020.
I would like to draw attention to the eligibility criteria and the syllabus that has been drawn for the same.
Having a commerce background for seven long years, not only I but all the commerce graduates feel very distressed. In BCom and MCom, we have various subject combinations consisting of auditing, income tax, financial accounting, cost accounting, economics, statistics and many more related to this particular field.
However, the syllabus drawn by the APPSC for the post of LDC/UDC has general English, general knowledge and elementary mathematics.
So, what is the point of studying BCom and MCom if my state cannot create separate jobs for such related fields? All the hard work revising different sections and laws of auditing, accountancy, income tax, mercantile law etc, has gone in vain.
I would also like to draw attention to the eligibility criteria, ie, BA (economics) BSc (mathematics). How is auditing and accountancy related to mathematics? It is a completely different subject than mathematics. It needs to be studied and understood from the very first point when a student takes commerce in Class 11.
How will a BSc student know anything about the principles and practice related to auditing and accountancy, its classification, its techniques, its procedure, its sections, its types, its formulations, etc? The same goes for the BA candidates.
I believe due to these conditions some people are not efficient and effective in jobs.
Looking at the eligibility criteria and syllabus, it feels like there is no separate job creation for deprived commerce graduates.
I would like to request our honourable commission members to give a thought to the subject and the eligibility criteria for the post of assistant auditor and take valuable decision for thousands of deprived candidates.
Deprived candidate,