A letter to RGU on proposed online examination

This is regarding problems faced by all the semester students for the proposed online examination to be conducted by the Rajiv Gandhi University WEF 07/09/2020 to 28/09/2020.
1. No login credentials:
Majority of the students had filled the online examination form through cyber, friends etc during the pandemic, due to which the login credentials are not available in their number or email ID.
2. Login problem:
Even after getting credentials from RGU, it is seen that a majority of students are unable to login into ‘My Placement Perfective’ app.
3. No re-login facility:
Even after the login, there is no re-login option which may create problems during exam time.
There are numerous problems including weak internet facility, lack of quality mobile phones, computers and mental stress. Moreover, from the second week of July 2020, all the students are under continuous stress due to lack of clarity.
Therefore, taking this into account, we request the competent authorities to fulfil the following demands.
1. Provide questions papers through Whatsapp instead of logging into ‘My Placement Perfective’ app to make the examination process simple and accessible for all.
2. Provision of submitting the answer sheets in an email ID of RGU.
Taba Penka
Nabam Nanu
Taba Mathew
Techi Tayum