Postpone exam, let Covid positive candidates sit for exam


I would like to request the APPSC to postpone the upcoming preliminary examination if there is any possibility. The daily upsurge in the Covid positive cases is really scary in a state with such a dismal medical infrastructure.

Further, there are a number of candidates who are Covid positive and the cases will only increase if everyone gets tested.  Thousands of candidates are going to appear for the examination and many of us will be travelling back to the state from the metro cities. The major concern is that we might become carriers of the virus and infect our old parents. Some aspirants are in essential services and it is quite difficult to find time in such a stressful situation.

We know that Covid is here to stay, but we firmly believe that a vaccine will be available soon and Covid will not stay for long. This does not mean that we should wait for a vaccine, but conducting exam when Covid is at its peak in the state would be extremely dangerous.  Delaying the exam will cause no harm. Life should be the priority.

And, even after all these, if the examination is going to be held as scheduled, we request the APPSC to kindly allow the candidates the option to change their examination centre. Earlier, I had named my home district as my examination centre, but since I will be travelling from outside the state, I am afraid that I might get infected in the course of my journey, so I don’t want to reach home as carriers of the virus to my old and ailing parents. I would prefer to stay at some hotel in the capital for my exam.

I believe I am not the only one in such a situation. There are many others who will be travelling back for the examination. Also, I would like to request the APPSC to kindly make arrangements for Covid positive candidates, so that even if we test positive, we can appear for this prestigious examination.

An aspirant