Work out a solution

After strong protest by student organizations, the state BJP has withdrawn a non-APST candidate from the forthcoming panchayat election in the Vijoynagar panchayat segment in Changlang district. Strangely, the State Election Commission has deferred the election process in Vijoynagar. It has cited the possibility of an eruption of law and order problem as the reason for deferring the election. The move is debatable, considering the fact that besides the BJP there are several other political parties in the fray and there was no clarity whether other parties had issued tickets to indigenous or settlers (non-APST).
The issue of settlers contesting the panchayat election in Vijoynagar is highly sensitive. While the Yobins, who are indigenous tribals of the area, bitterly opposed the move, the settlers, most of whom are former soldiers of the Assam Rifles, consider it their constitutional right to participate in grassroots democracy. There are also constant conflicts between the Yobins and the settlers. The situation has turned worse in recent years with both sides taking strong stands. Perhaps it is time for the government of Arunachal to work out a solution. The settlers can be relocated with proper help from the government of India. After all, they are loyal soldiers who followed the instruction of their superiors and agreed to settle down in a place like Vijoyanagar, which has no road connectivity till date. But resettlement has to be only after taking the settlers into confidence. Without their consent, it should not be done as it will be kind of an insult to their sacrifice. The state government should engage the indigenous communities and the settlers and work out a solution. Constant conflicts are not good for the peace of the state.