Let democracy prevail

The CEO of NITI Aayog, Mr Amitabh Kant gave a strange statement on Tuesday saying “tough reforms” are difficult in India because “we are too much of a democracy.” The statement created a storm with the opposition parties slamming the statement.
The government of India through Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad on Wednesday clarified that the government is proud of Indian democracy.
The government had to make a statement after being confronted by the media and opposition parties. Even though the government has clarified, the statement is deeply dangerous.
If the country’s top bureaucrats have such an opinion of the Indian democracy then definitely, something is wrong.
Across the world, pluralism, diversity and Indian democracy is celebrated. India is often referred to as the world’s largest democracy. It is a matter of pride for the whole nation.
Under the present regime, the allegation of the attempt to curtail democracy is often made.
The governments, even in the ongoing protest by farmers, have been alleged of neglecting dissenting voices and of being hard on them. The journalists, activists, academicians etc are all facing torrid times.
False cases are being framed to harass those who have views opposite of the ruling party. It is in this context that the statement of the NITI Aayog chief caused an uproar. However, as the government has clarified, the people of India will continue to hope that democracy still prevails in the country.