Loose variety of democracy

One can only imagine the battlefield. If watched from miles away, it would have been amusing, the clashing of swords analogous to the lightning bugs emitting their cold light, enchanting one’s eyeshot, on the spur of the moment a rapid change of episode and within an ace of witnessing the most dreadful manslaughter, one would wish never to confront such in reality and as plain as a pikestaff those were the countrymen in my artistry.

The kings and the lords sacrificing their own subjects, who knows if it was what was needed for the kingdom or was it just an ambitious potentate seeking power and conquest for the glory, the only name which is to remain in the pages of history for times to come like the greatest overlords before them.

Even in the game of chess, let alone the pawns, the bishops and the knights, even the queen, is to be sacrificed for the most weak piece.

Such is modern politics, the so-called ideological feud to cease power and authority over the subjects, whereas it should have been the other way around in a democratic India.

Only difference being, every person welding shields, little did I know very insignificant numbers are savvy of their political will, but are those few prepared to accept the change, to act against the trend of electing best among the worst?

This panchayat election time again I was a rubberneck witnessing the political nominees deprave youths with cash and of course booze which is nothing out of the ordinary but to my bewilderment of shame and embarrassment, is it what my well-informed fellow citizens are being entrusted with.

Be that as it may, conversely I say it is a golden generation at least for my Arunachal Pradesh, I see potential, I see people raising common voices for a cause they believe in. No time is propitious, rights are not to be demanded, but to be attained.

Let’s not let unfit leaders get away with their loose variety of democracy. We have learned and evolved so much from Athenian democracy, let’s not pave the way for illiberal democracy. We are so impelled with our conscience towards amelioration; let’s showcase the electoral democracy and its purpose of ‘rule by the people’.
Habung Kapa