Farmers trained on oyster mushroom cultivation

PASIGHAT, 11 Jan: A daylong training programme on oyster mushroom cultivation was held for 137 female farmers from Boleng, Dosing, Lileng, Simang, Pareng and Rengo villages in Siang district recently by the College of Horticulture and Forestry, CAU, Pasighat and the Arunachal Pradesh State Rural Livelihood Mission, BMMU, Boleng.

Principal Investigator of AICRP on Mushroom Project, Dr RC Shakywar gave hands-on training of oyster mushroom cultivation to self-help group members.

Dr Shakywar also shared the nutritional, medicinal and economic values of different kinds of mushroom cultivated in India and in the state. He also elaborated on doubling of farmer’s income by 2022 and uses/ recycling of paddy straw by mushroom cultivation.

The spawns of mushroom were also provided to the farmers round the year, especially during Covid-19 pandemic, he informed.