Challenges before Arunachal

Arunachal Pradesh will celebrate its statehood day on 20 February.

As the state celebrates its 35th statehood day, it is also time to ponder about the challenges before it and prioritise those areas that need intervention.

Essential sectors like health, education and road need attention from the government.

The school dropout rate remains high in the state. Therefore, it should be a priority sector. There has been little study on why there is such a high dropout rate in the state.

Another priority area should be employment opportunities. With limited government jobs, lack of major private sector, employment options are very limited for youngsters.

The government should look for options to plug unemployment before the problem goes out of hand. Support to start ups and training should be a priority.

The government in its skill development programme should also incorporate trades for college and university graduates.

Not many can start businesses on their own. Youngsters need the support of the government.

The lack of health facility was exposed during the pandemic. While some efforts has been made in terms of starting ICUS in government hospitals in some district headquarters, health care is not accessible by citizens in many villages and towns.

We all know the problem. Now the time has come to find solutions. A start has to be made at the earliest.