Technical issues, equipment maintenance unavoidable

This is apropos the article headlined ‘Convert TRIHMS to AIIMS’, which was published in your daily on 29 March. I, as director of the institute, wish to clarify that the CT scan machine of TRIHMS is of the latest model and first of its kind in the country. It was installed in 2019 and is of excellent quality. In a single day, at least 25 to 30 CT scans are done at TRIHMS. The veracity of this claim can be verified from the inbuilt record of the CT scan computer record.

However, one must also realize that no machine can function uninterrupted 24x7x365 days. There will certainly be occasional inconveniences due to minor technical issues and mandatory maintenance of the sophisticated equipment like the CT scan. The inconveniences caused to the patients during these periods are regretted but it is unavoidable. Besides, the CT scan TRIHMS has top of the line ultrasound machine and digital X-ray. A digital fluoroscopy, MRI and mammogram machines will also be installed in due course of time. TRIHMS also has five functional ICU beds with multi parameters monitors, infusion pumps, ventilators on each bed.

The ICU also has a dedicated top of the end compact echocardiography machine, ECG machine, blood gas analyzer and uninterrupted oxygen generation system. This ICU has been functioning to its fullest capacity under the supervision of an experienced cardiologist, resident doctors and the team of young and highly motivated nursing staffs. The bed occupancy of the ICU is high all-the time. Over the last one year, so many people’s lives were saved (especially people with cardiac/heart related emergency). With additional nursing staffs, TRIHMS is ready to increase the ICU facility by another five beds immediately and there is scope for increasing the total ICU beds to 20-25 in future.

TRIHMS as a new medical college is struggling to cope up with the ever increasing needs of patient services, researches in Arunachal’s scenario and to train budding doctors. To make it central deemed institute in future is already in the MoA signed earlier. So, at this juncture, we would appreciate and expect support from everyone in shaping this medical college and hospital.
Dr Moji Jini,
Director, TRIHMS,