Postpone exam

I would like to draw the attention of the government and the APPSC regarding the examination for junior engineer (civil), RWD, which is scheduled to be conducted on 25 April, 2021 amidst the rising Covid-19 pandemic.
As we are seeing, every day the number of positive Covid-19 cases is increasing in our country as well as in our state. It is stated that the present virus is more contagious and more deadly. Many aspirants shall be coming to the state capital from outside the state also. I too am preparing for my exams staying in Delhi. It has become very difficult and risky for us to move out of our houses and hostels in the present situation. Further, it is said that the present strain is more vulnerable among younger generations.
It is therefore requested to the competent authority to think over and postpone the JE RWD exams till the situation improves, or we are given vaccination as vaccination is also not open for our age group. The exam halls could be hotspots for spread of Covid-19, which may be avoided at this juncture of time. Social distancing may not be practically possible in the exam centres. Many aspirants staying outside the state could be unknowingly carriers of the virus. Aspirants coming from other districts too can get the virus on their way to the capital as most of them pass through Assam and shall be travelling in public transport. It is always better to take preventive measures than to repent later on. Keeping in view the above, I earnestly request the APPSC to postpone the JE RWD exam scheduled on 25 April, 2021, in the larger interest of the students’ health please.
An Aspirant,
New Delhi