Inordinate delay in the declaration of APSCCE results


The APPSC redeemed a fraction of its lost dignity when it stood up to its promise of accountability and efficiency when it declared the results of the highly coveted APSCCE (Prelims) results under a week’s time after over 26,000 candidates had sat for the exams held for the first time after the quagmire of the previous examination in 2017.

The succeeding APPSCCE (Mains) which was concluded on 14 February 2020 and was sat by around 1200 candidates all expecting that the results, irrespective of their performance, will be declared in a time bound frame.

Unfortunately and rather expectedly, it is now almost the end of May and there is not a fragment of update or information on when APPSC will declare the results of the Mains exam.

Contrast this to the UPSC which conducted the Mains exam from January 8 to January 17, 2020 and declared the results on March 23, 2020; under two months. While a paltry 1,323 candidates were selected for APPSCCE Mains 2021, 10,564 candidates were selected for the UPSC Mains.

Beyond the obvious difference between the two bodies in terms of manpower; the APPSC cannot justify the inordinate delay in the declaration of results. More importantly, the utter lack of transparency and accountability for the many candidates who await in anticipation for the results in an already uncertain pandemic is the sign of the callousness and indifference APPSC has treated candidates with.

I request the APPSC to promptly declare the results of the Mains exam or in any case, announce a tentative date for the result declaration so as to ease the minds of the many candidates unable to decide what next in their careers.

A Mains Candidate